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What Is the Average Cost of a Shaker Cabinet?

White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Pompano Beach

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen cabinets? Why not consider getting yourself some beautiful shaker cabinets today. At, we pride ourselves on being a family-run business that puts customers first. If you’re looking for the best shaker cabinets at affordable prices, then we’d be happy to assist you.

What are shaker cabinets?

Shaker cabinets are a style of cabinet that are typically characterized with sharp lines and simple designs. They’re one of the more popular kitchen cabinet designs, and they’re also used in bathrooms as well. Shaker cabinets may look simple, but they offer a timeless design for all homes and can fit in many different kinds of decor arrangements, making them suitable for different aesthetics.

A shaker cabinet typically has flat doors with a simple design on the front. They’re usually straight and rectangular, giving it a pleasant and symmetrical look. But despite being rather simple, they’re really easy to paint and customize so that they can suit your design needs. You can paint them neutral colors, or you can stain them to show off a natural wood finish.

How much are shaker cabinets?

The cost of shaker cabinets can really depend on the style that you choose and the amount of space that you want to cover. In many cases, replacing your cabinets with shaker cabinets can cost anywhere from $100 to $300 per linear foot. The price will vary depending on the size of your kitchen and the number of cabinets that you want to replace.

This is usually the cost quoted for custom cabinets with unique designs and specific color choices. However, the price can be a lot cheaper if you don’t need something bespoke, or would like to purchase something that has been pre-assembled already. In some cases, a bespoke shaker cabinet replacement could cost over $5,000 or more.

If you’re unsure about the cost of shaker cabinets, then don’t hesitate to contact our experts at We’d be happy to give you an estimate based on the size of your kitchen and what you’d like to achieve.

How much are custom shaker cabinets?

Custom shaker cabinets tend to be a lot more expensive than their pre-built counterparts. In terms of size and design options, you have far more choices which leads to more expensive cabinets. The materials used are often higher in quality, and you have more customization options to choose from.

Bespoke shaker cabinets can cost around $500 to $1,500 per linear foot. Luxurious options will often be made with unique materials, and they’ll often have beautiful finishes that look more extravagant than typical shaker cabinets. But whatever you choose, it’s best to get in touch with experts such as our staff at for more information and an accurate estimate.

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Looking for more information or want to speak to our experts to discuss your kitchen? Get in touch with us today to learn more. is the go-to destination for homeowners in South Florida looking for high-quality white shaker kitchen cabinets. We have showrooms in Pompano Beach and Delray Beach, where you can see our cabinets in person and speak with our knowledgeable staff.

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