Stainless Steel Sinks in Fort Lauderdale

Half Price Countertops offers the largest selection of stainless steel double undermount kitchen sinks in South Florida. All at great, affordable discounts. Here you have the option of choosing from over 15 different styles of stainless steel undermount kitchen sinks to custom fit your needs. Undermount sinks feature the edge lip of the sink mounted below the surface of the countertop. This allows for the counter to flow seamlessly into the sink. Undermount sinks work the best with stone countertops as opposed to laminate or tile counters which are significantly weaker than granite or quartz.

Stone countertops are a great addition to any kitchen, but once you pick the color stone you’d like, there is still another important choice to be made. Stone edges are an important aspect in the overall look. Many opt for standard squared pencil or eased edges, while others prefer a more ornate half bullnose, full bullnose, or ogee edge. Half Price Countertops will outfit any stone with the edge of your choice.